Unlock Your Startup's Potential

Startup Stewards at your side every step of the way from Incubation to Acceleration and Seed Funding.

Most startups struggle to turn valuable learnings from Incubation or Acceleration Programs into actionable progress. Startup Stewards is here to bridge the funding and support gap, guiding you towards success without the pain.

What is Stewardship?

Stewards take active responsibility and support your project in a hands-on way. We advise and guide you through your challenges, but where need is, we offer our active engagement: at your side, as part of your team. Taking up challenges together at eye-level to reach your next inflection point.

Circular Economy Focus

Our programme aims at guiding and supporting high-potential founders and startup teams with a focus on circular economy. We help you to bring your entrepreneurial project from problem/solution fit to product/market fit and beyond.

Individual Guidance

Bespoke Mentoring tailored to your particular challenges.

Network Access

Develop Partnerships and connect with Industry Experts.

Fundraising Support

Get ready for successful Interaction with Investors or VCs.

Get yourself a Support System

As a member of our Stewardship Programme, you are not facing your challenges alone: our personally assigned Mentor is at your side during regular check-ins and on-demand mentoring and advisory sessions. Specialised mentors and industry experts from our network join your Support Team to answer your questions or actively help solve your problems. Your extended Stewardship Team provides on-demand and punctual access to technical, organisational, or legal support as your needs arise.

Go to Market and Build Traction

Your product or service has been validated with lead customers, now is the time to go to market! We support you in tying up loose ends from customer discovery and achieve rock-solid problem/solution fit and customer validation. We help you perfect your go-to-market strategy and connect you with industry partners and experts to access your target market faster.

Develop your Operating Model

As you start to serve real customers, your organisation must evolve to scale product and service delivery. We support you in designing the right organisational model and grow your startup into a functioning company. We help you navigate the legal, administrative and managerial pitfalls of hiring and leading people.

Get ready to Grow

Find the right fundraising strategy for your entrepreneurial project. Understand how public funding and stipends work and which funding programmes are relevant and accessible for you. Get your project investment ready, build a convincing Data Room and learn how to approach and interact with different types of Investors. Benefit from our Network to get warm introductions to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.

Your Startup Stewards

Julian Preibsch

ImpactHub Berlin - Financial Modelling, Strategy, Storytelling

Richard Stechow

BMI Lab Berlin - Innovation Consultant & Circular Economy Lead

Carl Härtlein

Saint Clair Advisory - Venture Capital and Startup Financing